Keeping SPtv Free


Why we ask for your help

SPtv is a non-profit service and we make no money from this project, all money that is donated is solely used on SPtv, this helps pay towards equipment, internet costs, software, and other additional expenses. If you wish to help support our channel, we offer a monthly recurring donation service via PayPal.

Basic One Off Donation
You Choose from £1
    You kid donation:
  • check Helps keep SPtv Free
  • check Invited to Private Events
  • check Shout-out during lives
  • check Access to the SPtv Fan Page
  • check Entered in to Competitions
Monthly VIP Member
VIP £1.50
    Same as Basic but with
  • check Access to the VIP Lounge
  • check VIP only Live Shows
  • check Priority on Private Readings
  • check Free Development Nights
  • check Private Zoom Nights
Monthly Angel Member
VIP+ £5.50
    Same as VIP but with
  • check Discounts on Workshops
  • check Discount on Private Readings
  • check VIP+ only shows
  • check Priority on Workshops
  • check Discount with Good Karma Shop